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Director at DevLearn 2007

The DevLearn 2007 Developers Conference started up today in conjunction with the Adobe Learning Summit. Dr. Ellen Wagner will be presenting several sessions at the conference. Two involve migrating from Authorware to other Adobe eLearning products. Dr. Wagner got a chance to speak during the BOF Director session at MAX 2007 where she talked about how Director is superb for creating serious games (immersive learning simulations).

Rick Jones (Adobe Senior Product Marketing Manager for Director and Contribute) also spoke at both of the Director sessions at MAX, and will be running a session called Creating Effective Serious Games with Director and Flash.

Adobe continues to heavily promote Director at various eLearning and game conferences across the country in the past few months. Adobe is definitely keeping busy.

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EL in Adobe Sneak Peek

The video from the Director 11 Sneak Peek session has made it out on to the web! I’d heard that our company got mentioned in the session, and lo and behold, it was really in there. We (aka ExploreLearning) were the middle item listed under educational content publishers. A bit small in this picture, but I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

EL in Adobe Session

The video for this session is rather long (aka large file) so I’m turning it in to a FLV and we’ll see where I can put it up. Those on the Direct-L mailing list probably noticed where the video is currently sitting, and if you really need to see it soon you can go ahead and join the list to see the archives from this week.

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