I’m Raman Pfaff (many know me at least a bit from mailing lists). I’ve been playing with Director/Shockwave since 1994. It started out as a hobby while I was in grad school (got my PhD in nuclear physics), but eventually became my full time job as I helped get a startup company rolling. I’m just another one of the many Macromedia Director developers out there that enjoy playing with a bit of Lingo in the evening.

This site will focus on Director, Lingo, and most anything else I feel like talking about related to technology and multimedia (hopefully I won’t stray too much from that path). It makes use of WordPress, currently uses a great Theme called Blix (with a few things I’m throwing in), and plug-ins written by talented people across the globe.

In my spare time I do a bit of photography, play with the latest toys from Apple, run lots of 5k’s, and watch lots and lots of movies and TV (once you’ve seen HD you can’t go back). I love to travel, but hardly get any time…but one of these years I’ll make it to a Adobe Director Conference 🙂

If you’d like to drop me a line you can drop me a line @ (multimediaguy @ gmail d0t com). Is that a confusing enough way to show my email? If you want to know a bit more about me, drop by my new (as of Feb 2009) blog at ramanpfaff.com.