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How to “Fix” Shockwave

I had this comment come in the other day but figured I’d make it a post since this is a big issue that has been popping up for years at my workplace.

Is there anybody who can tell me how to fix shockwave 11 it says it is installed, however it is not on my program list and when I try to play games that require it, it pops up saying 1 or more shockwave files are missing! Is there anyone out there that actually knows how to fix this! I am beginning to hate windows vista!

thank you


I can’t say much about Vista, and I could go in to great detail about what could be happening in some cases, but the short answer is this: download the Shockwave uninstaller, run it on your computer, and then download the FULL INSTALLER and not the default “slim” installer.

If that does not work, then it could be due to the content you are viewing. Some people use Xtras in the content, and many of those Xtras have not been updated to work with Shockwave 11.

In any event, running the uninstaller, followed by a full installation solves this sort of problem for the vast number of users that have issues like the one you described. Hope that helps out.

Note: On the Mac version the uninstaller is bundled with the installer, but for Windows you’ll have to download the uninstaller separately.

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Long Lost Blog…is Back!

I’ve been rather silent on the web lately, but I’m back. Where have I been? Here is the quick story…just for fun 🙂

In November the site got hacked a bit. That caused a bit of downtime. In mid-November my site went down for almost two weeks when I was on the road at MAX. I’d been hosting the site in my house on a Mac Mini, but my internet provider decided to make a change to my DSL-modem at a very bad time. The good side is that I moved the site to a real provider so I don’t have to worry when the power goes out here in town (which happens a lot!).

As December rolled around life in my office was a bit stressful. We had a deadline that had to get done. I started dreaming about Lingo. Since I hadn’t taken a day off all year I was supposed to be done as of December 1, but I got called in for one bonus week to do one last Gizmo. It was close, but it got done.

A day later I headed off to Minneapolis to teach an Introduction to Director course (see…Director isn’t dead!) for a week. I got to enjoy a snowstorm that was going on the night I got in to town, and then some good sub-zero weather. I really loved the skywalk system they had in the downtown area. I also enjoyed getting a chance to teach, since I hadn’t done that in a few years.

After a week in Minneapolis I headed off to Boulder, Colorado. I was housesitting and got to take care of a few dogs, a few cats, and a few plants. Relaxing. Got to enjoy a few good hikes in the mountains, and a few good evenings at the local pubs.

While out at MAX I bought an iPhone. While in Minneapolis and in Boulder I found myself using various features constantly. I can’t believe I lived so long without buying one, and can’t picture not having one ever again. I barely use the actual “phone” part of the device, but the rest makes it worth it.

Some of the apps are amazing. I downloaded the iPhone SDK the other day and installed it. I wonder how long it takes to create a simple app in my spare moments…guess I’ll find out in the next few months.

Vacation is now over. I’m back at work. This year I’ll be learning far more Flash, still doing lots in Director, and maybe creating something for the iPhone. I’m also waiting for Adobe CS4 to show up in my office. Gotta love new toys at the start of the year. And with the new year, it is time to get this site back in shape after the hack/downtime. Stay tuned…

Director @ Night is back from vacation 🙂

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