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MAX 2k6 Rolls On

Got to chat with a handful of Director (current and former) folks last night at the big Party at the Palms. I attended a few Flash video sessions yesterday that I enjoyed. Time to start playing with some video for fun 😉

This morning it is off to the Sneak Peek keynote. I’m hoping I get to see CS3 running natively on an Intel Mac. If Shockwave was running on the Intel Mac I’d be even more excited.

Lots of photos showing up on Flickr (I haven’t had the time to even pull out my camera). I’m not flying out until tomorrow, so I’ll get to do a bit of wandering around with my camera then.

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Vegas in what time zone?

OK…after a 12 hour journey I made it to Vegas (my first time here). I was asleep shortly thereafter. At the opening keynote this morning Flash got mentioned as now being a great product to go along with all the other stellar Adobe products such as Photoshop, yada, Director, yada, and yada. I was surprised (and happy) that Director was one of just a few products mentioned.

This is the biggest MAX ever. The Blue Man Group did the opening ceremony. Fresh fruit at the breakfast buffet was pretty good. Very fancy hotel. I haven’t even left it yet…maybe tonight. It is almost a city all by itself.

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Off to Adobe Max 2006

Early in the morning I’m heading off to Adobe Max 2006. I know a few Director people will be there and I’m looking forward to meeting them. I haven’t been to a Macromedia/Adobe workshop since 2001, so I’m looking forward to this, although the fact that there are zero sessions related to Director is disturbing.

Hopefully a few of us Director folks will find time to do our own Birds of a Feather session. I noticed that several people are posting images to Flickr related to the conference. If you do a search for adobemax2006 (or some combination of those things) you’ll probably find a few things.

At least one group has been set up for images from the conference. I’ll try to post a few, but won’t make it there until late on Monday. Hopefully security won’t yank my batteries or anything 🙂

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Director Game Development Survey — Results Have Arrived

For those that are interested, Dean Utian conducted a survey related to game development using Adobe Director.

The total number of responses was 227. However, not all responded to every question. While this is a relatively small sample group, there were clear trends in the wishes of users.

To see all the interesting results, drop by and see the full results of the survey.

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Thought balloons…Survey, 24inch iMac, and Lightroom

For those that missed it the first time around all you Director users should head over and take a short survey about features you would like to see in Director 11 (and of course versions above and beyond that). This is the final week to get in your answers, so don’t miss out!

In the past few weeks I’ve been slowly working on getting my gorgeous 24 inch iMac getting all set up in the evening. The first thing I did was get the latest MySql and PHP running (will post this info later this week), along with WordPress. Total time was about 20 minutes. Time watching the big iMac screen…priceless. The screen on this thing really is amazing.

With my nice new big screen I have started playing with Adobe Lightroom (I’m one of those pro-am photographers…although mostly on the ‘am’ side). I’d briefly played with it on my 14inch iBook and it wasn’t a very rewarding experience, but with a lot of screen real estate on this fast iMac it is fantastic. I think I’ll be buying it as soon as it has made it out of beta. I’m not yet sure how it will integrate with CS3 (when that comes out next year). One thing missing from it right now is an easy way to get photos up to Flickr. From the looks of it they will be counting on 3rd party developers to provide a lot of these add-ons.

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Folding Lingo in BBEdit 8.5

In the short post the other day I’d glanced at the new folding feature in BBEdit. For those that didn’t catch the comment by Alex da Franca, he has put together a CLM for BBEdit so you can ‘fold’ the code while editing a lingo script.

Seems to work! Thanks a lot.

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