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6th Live Online Meeting

The sixth online meeting will take place this morning at 10am. More info can be found here.

I have to go vote (the American thing to do today), so I might be late depending on lines.

The Meeting URL:
The meeting room will be open 1 hour before the actual meeting starts.
So feel free to join early and chat with others.

The Time Zones:
Here is a time zone page.

The Topic:
Shockwave3D & Flash 10 3D with Colin Holgate
Colin will show us how to create 3D content with Director & Shockwave3D. He will also give us an introduction to Flash 10 3D and compare it to Shockwave3D. Finally we will announce another new (hopefully exciting) initiative by Directorforum.

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Director Live Online Meeting (#5)

The 5th Director Live Online meeting will be taking place on Tuesday September 23, 2008 at 10am EST. If you have time, be sure to participate. I’ll be there for part of it… but have to attend some other meetings 🙁

For more information (including the URL to the meeting) you can view this post.

Topics include:

Director Hotfix 3 will most likely be the main topic and Allen Partridge will update us on what’s happening, what will be fixed and when it will be released.

We will then have another look at the Directorforum Collaboration Wiki, where I’ve seen quite a bit of activity over the past 2.5 weeks.

Also, I will try to get you guys updated on what Adobe CS4 will be like. Eventually September 23rd is the day, Adobe will announce CS4 and will share info on what’s new. And we will be among the first to share this info publicly.

If anyone of you guys wants to present something (an interesting current or past project, or maybe a short Director related workshop) please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and we’ll make it happen. Also if you have specific topics to be covered in a future Director Live Online Meeting, just tell me and we’ll see how we can do it.

Again, these Director Live Online Meetings are a community effort and everybody can actively participate and contribute.

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Director Live Online Meeting Starting

Sorry for the very late notice on this, but the fourth live online meeting (generously put together by Martin Schaefer) will be starting shortly.

More information can be found here.

See you there.

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Director Live Online Meeting on Shockwave 3d

Interested in chatting with many other Director users? The next live online meeting will be happening next week, and the main focus is Shockwave 3D. At the last meeting there were about 50 developers online (along with a few people from Adobe). More information can be found here. See you there.

We invite you to the 3. Director Live Online Meeting, which will take place on Tuesday, July 15th @ 10am EDT.

The topic(s) will be:
* Future of Shockwave3D
* Q&A and community chat

There will be quite a few guys from Adobe attending such as Allen, Rajnish, Vivek, Krishnan, and potentially some more from the Shockwave3D team.

The meeting room will be open from 1 hour before the official start and will remain open for discussion 1 hour after the end of the meeting.

The meeting URL:

If you want to talk to the community during the meeting, make sure you have a microphone and a headset to avoid echo and allow the Flash plugin to access your microphone when prompted.

If you want to present (screen-share) during the meeting you will need to install the Adobe Connect Plugin when prompted to do so.

You don’t need to speak or share your screen though. The meeting will have a text chat to communicate.

Time Zones:
7:00am – Los Angeles
10:00am – New York
3:00pm – London
4:00pm – Berlin
7:30pm – India
0:00am – Sydney (Tue->Wed night)

Click here for other time zones.

This announcement on Directorforum:


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